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Household decorate plank choose is introduced Source:   Release time:2014/11/23

     Experts remind: buy timber first to see whether or not environmental protection, according to the regulation, indoor building materials of formaldehyde release a quantity must be less than or equal to 1.5 mg per liter, if more than 5 mg per liter is substandard. Secondly depends on lumber moisture content, when lumber moisture content is higher than the environment balance moisture content, wood drying shrinkage, vice of hygroscopic and expansion of will. Timber desiccation and deformation is the main reason of the moisture content is too high or too low. Finally, don't only pursue cheap, when buy sell material is usually manufactured and the material of formaldehyde exceeds bid badly, should go to regular markets buy, had better buy a brand of material. The following is decorated commonly used plate is introduced.

    A, joinery board: moistureproof effect is good, can't paint directly

    The middle of the joinery board with natural wood glue them into a core, two sides glued on very thin wood veneer, is one of the main materials in decoration. Can do furniture and wooden door and door cover, central heating, curtain box of window, etc., the waterproof performance is good. When selected, look at its internal timber, shoulds not be too fragile, gap between wood joinery board at around 3 mm is advisable. Due to reveal the surface of the wood grain is not beautiful, little directly to brush paint, usually facing three-ply board. The furniture that makes with its and other wood should pass with adhesive board and brush paint two working procedure, cost are higher.


    Second, the integrated board: out of shape not easily

   This is a new kind of solid wood materials, using high quality imported large diameter logs deep processing and become, like fingers interlaced splicing of wood. Owing to process different, the board of environmental performance is superior, the formaldehyde content is joinery board allowed in 1/8. On the other hand, that made of solid wood, such as the USA spruce plate can be directly coloring, brush paint, joinery board save procedure.

   Three than particleboard, MDF holding nail force is poor

   Particle board is natural lumber after crushed into granule, the compressed into boards, is current the main material of ambry. Density board is to use powdered wood after pressing molding, flatness is better, but the wave resistance is poor. Density board, by contrast, holding nail force is relatively particieboard is poor, if before and after the screw tighten loose, due to the strength of the density board is not high, it's hard to fixed, therefore rarely used for cabinet put oneself in another's position.

   Four, facing three splint: convenient and cheap

   Sandwich plate, also called three plywood and three-ply board, layer number of different name, the pros and cons of its main raw materials. Mainly used in domestic outfit now facing three-ply, namely in the factory has already very thin solid wood veneer on plywood. Veneer plywood is convenient to use, the price is cheap.