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Plank policy: the influence of the orientation of wood saving and efficient utilization Source:   Release time:2014/11/23

    Because the Chinese government always attaches great importance to the resource and environmental problems, so has the resource conservation and environmental protection as a basic state policy. This is by China's large population, per capita arable land, freshwater and forest resources is far lower than the world average this conditions.

  First, the policy guidance of timber saving and efficient utilization

  With the sustained and rapid development of China's economic and social, the increasingly prominent contradiction between supply and demand. In order to meet domestic demand for timber, maintenance of ecological safety, the Chinese government adopted the "open source" and "throttling" policy. "Open source" is to vigorously carry out afforestation activities, encouraging import wood and its products; "Throttling" is to save and efficient use of timber.

  To formulate policies and regulations, promote the timber saving and efficient use. As early as 1951, China issued the "the special authorization of the central people's government on saving wood instructions". Set up in the 1980 s the state economic commission wood savings office, now the wood saving development center, is mainly responsible for wood savings (including the comprehensive utilization of wood, wood protection, recovery of waste wood, and wood substitute, etc.) policies, standards, and new technology, new product development and demonstration projects, propaganda and training, etc. In 1984 enacted the "forest law" specific provision of "state advocates the wood utilization and save the use of timber, to encourage the development and utilization of timber substitutes". In recent years, our government have issued again encourage timber saving and efficient use of policies and regulations. Mainly include: first, the general office of the state council on forwarding development and reform commission and other departments on accelerating the opinions of timber saving and substitution work notice "(countries do hair [2005] no. 58). With clear focus on four aspects work: (1) developing efficient wood processing industry, improve the utilization efficiency of timber resources. (2) promote wood protection technology, extend wood use. (3) set up the mechanism of waste wood recycling, timber resources recycling. Wood substitute (4) development, optimize the structure of wood consumption. Second, "circular economy promotion law of the People's Republic of China" (on January 1, 2009), which specifically to encourage and support to develop circular economy research, development and promotion of science and technology, encourage to develop circular economy propaganda, education, science, knowledge popularization and international cooperation. The state encourages and guides citizens to use energy saving, water saving, material saving, and is beneficial to environmental protection products and recycled products, reduce the discharge of waste and emissions. The people's governments at or above the county level and the competent forestry authorities shall actively developing ecological forestry, encourage and support the producers of forestry and related enterprises to adopt wood saving and substitution technology, forestry waste and time little fuelwood, ShaSheng shrubs, such as the comprehensive utilization, improve the comprehensive utilization. Three, the general office of the state council about accelerate the comprehensive utilization of crop straw and opinions (countries do hair [2008] no. 105), which specifically to develop with straw as raw material processing industry. Encourage the adoption of cleaner production technology, production to the straw as the raw material of wood pulp. Guide the development of the man-made plank of using straw as raw materials, packaging materials, tableware, and other products production, reduce the wood is used.

  Increase capital investment, encourage timber saving and efficient use of scientific research and development and demonstration projects. Every year our government not only invest a lot of financial support, forestry and policy of timber saving and efficient utilization research and demonstration project to give financial support. Among them, 1980 ~ 1980, our country for wood saving technical reconstruction special loan project total investment of nearly 430 million yuan. From 1979 to 2007 in China only on forestry project investment of 210.5 billion yuan. In 2008 the Chinese government issued the key points of forestry industrial policy. Clear positive support policy implementation, promote the development of forestry industry. For enterprises engaged in agriculture, forestry project shall be exempted from the income, reduction of enterprise income tax. In recent years, the central government provided special wood comprehensive utilization project capital of 100 million yuan. Since 2006, the central government has also arranged special funds of 30 million yuan, support from wood saving development center to organize and implement the development strategy of China timber saving alternative research and wood protection project "demonstration project.

   Second, the standard specification of timber saving and efficient utilization of our country

  Our government always attaches great importance to the standardization work, specially has the functions of national standardization management committee institution, and to give financial fund support to the standards. In recent years, in the national standard with the support from the management committee and the ministry of commerce, China timber saving and efficient utilization of standard system construction has been rapid development, and achieved significant results. Timber saving development center entrusted by the ministry of commerce to participate in the national "2005-2007, resources saving and comprehensive utilization of standard development plan" and "2008-2008, resources saving and comprehensive utilization of standards development planning research and drafting, and take the lead in establishing the wood saving alternative standard sub system and China commercial wood protection standard system framework. In the above planning, saving material on the total of 155 items. At present, the timber saving development center has organization completed more than 30 wood to protect the national standard or industry standard drafting, some standards have been implemented. It can be said that our country wood protection standards system has been initially formed. At the same time, the wood to protect our government investment construction quality supervision, inspection and test center and the national wood protection technology development and training base.

  Third, the achievements of timber saving and efficient utilization of our country

  For over 50 years, because the Chinese government actively guide, wood working continuously strengthen, saving and efficient utilization of achievements. According to incomplete statistics, from 1980 to 2008, the total saving substitute timber volume of more than 550 million cubic meters, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 1.65 billion tons. According to the current Chinese stand volume 84 cubic meters per hectare forest, equivalent to a falling nearly 10 million hectares of deforestation. Wood comprehensive utilization in our country at present by the shortage of the founding of the initial 40% to 63% now, our country lumber consumption of about 380 million cubic meters, and the timber consumption of just 0.28 cubic meters per capita, less than the world average of 50% say because China adopted the policy of saving and efficient use of timber not only effectively relieve the contradiction between supply and demand of timber in China, and to protect the forest resources has made a significant contribution to the world.

   Although our country in promoting timber saving and efficient utilization has made significant achievements, but there is a big gap compared with developed countries. Such as wood comprehensive utilization in our country at present and the proportion of wood preservation were 63% and 3% respectively, and the developed country has reached more than 80% and 15%. To promote conservation and efficient use of lumber, the Chinese government is to organize the implementation of wood processing machinery numerical control engineering, wood protection engineering, waste wood recycling industrial engineering, environmental protection and wood project "four major projects". Believe in the near future of China's timber saving and efficient utilization level there will be a larger increase.