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To improve the soft power -- the use of Online Business UniversitySource:   Release time:2015/05/17

Shandong Fuda Wood Industry Co., Ltd. mainly produces decoration board, furniture board, ecological board, cabinet board, after nearly 20 years of development, now covers an area of area of 150000 square meters, employs more than 1000 people, in order to further improve the overall quality of the staff, create "learning type organization", innovative training model to help employees continuous learning, continuous improvement; enhance their professional skills, optimize the knowledge structure, improve work quality and efficiency, intelligence reserve for the strategic development of company, company introduced online learning mode, Fuda online corporate university was established.

Fuda company purpose because of duty teaching, production and learning combination, ningxinjuli, corporate culture construction of the basic principles to encourage people to active learning, especially the establishment of "monthly study star" award, "an annual study figures" award and "annual learning advanced unit" award. Among them, "monthly study star" award number three, the value of each award fifty dollar prizes.

The winning by Fuda divided into wood industry Co., Ltd. the three learning Star get, hope the majority of employees to follow this example, active learning, the formation of "than, learn, catch up and super good learning atmosphere, to enhance the skills and literacy.